Yeszhan Birtanov Vice Chairman of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange Interview with David Nelson at UNCTAD Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative | Traders Network Show – NYSE

Yeszhan Birtanov, Vice Chairman of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange interview with David Nelson at Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative (NYSE)



  • Goal: to create an International Financial Center
  • Mission: to help companies follow best practices
  • Yeszhan manages $85 billion for Central Bank of Kazakhstan




INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Yeszhan Birtanov, Vice Chairman of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange and David Nelson


David Nelson – Show Host, Traders Network Show:00:00

Welcome back. I’m David Nelson for the Traders Network Show broadcasting worldwide from the New York Stock Exchange for iHeartRadio and We’re here for an event being hosted by the United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative. And my next guest is Yeszhan Birtanov, who’s the Chairman of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange. Welcome sir. Thanks so much for being with us. Your career really spans quite a few things, expands the world of banking monetary policy or a former director of the exchange and today or it’s chairman that’s quite an accomplishment. How did you manage so much in your career?


Yeszhan Birtanov – Vice Chairman, Kazakhstan Stock Exchange: 00:37

Yeah, thank you. It’s very interesting question. My main profession is actually portfolio management, so I manage the reserves for the central bank and for the national oil fund of Kazakhstan in total Mozhan $85 billion by 2012 and then I created the company as a called national investment corporation, which is an investment vehicle of the central bank in alternative investments. It’s like private equity fund, the pension funds and the real estate and so on. And then I joined the Kazakhstan central bank and I became a chairman of a Kazakhstan Stock Exchange. Us central bank, actually owner of more than 50% share of stocks.


David Nelson – Show Host, Traders Network Show:01:18

How did you make the transition from portfolio manager to, to chairman of a, of a stock exchange?


Yeszhan Birtanov – Vice Chairman, Kazakhstan Stock Exchange: 01:24

Yeah, we have a big project in Kazakhstan. Mainly it’s a project to create international financial century in Astana. So, and this government of Kazakhstan and central bank of Galveston, they are working together to create the center and Carlson struck change participating in this initiative to create a international financial center and to be a trading platform for the central in Astana.


David Nelson – Show Host, Traders Network Show:01:54

I understand that your organization that your exchange has just joined the initiative today. What prompted you, what brought you to that conclusion?


Yeszhan Birtanov – Vice Chairman, Kazakhstan Stock Exchange: 02:05

Yeah, it’s a very good question. Because of this project we share, we try to realize and we will hopefully we will open the IFCA International Financial Center in Astana by 2018 and two, it’s actually under in a way, and the legislation will be done soon up until the end of this year. This initiative is very good for us as a promotion and also to help to companies we should be listed in to follow best practices. And it will help us to gather more information to get an access to the global experience in sphere, in the field of transparency and stability of capital markets. And it will give us a chance to exchange ideas in between a well-known and developed stoke change in the world. So it will help us to create a good and a best part form based on the international experience.


David Nelson – Show Host, Traders Network Show: 03:07

You have an enormous job by, we’re, we’re running at a time, so I just wanted to ask you one last thing. Any last words, anything you’d like to say to the UN and the Sustainable Stock Exchange initiative.


Yeszhan Birtanov – Vice Chairman, Kazakhstan Stock Exchange: 03:19

Yes, sure. I’d like to thank them very much because it’s a very good initiative to help a lot of countries. It’s more than 24 members of these initiatives and thanks to founding fathers of this initiative and a miss upon the moon who actually created this initiative. And I think to develop and prosper because of the guys who are doing this. They are doing this very well. Thank you very much for inviting us.


David Nelson – Show Host, Traders Network Show: 03:47

Well, thank you so much for being with us. Well said, Sir. That was Yeszhan Birtanov, Chairman of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange. By the way a quick thank you goes out to 1-800-PublicRelations for all the PR and media support. Thanks for joining. I’m David Nelson.


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