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Grow your sustainable strategic partnerships (P3s) with Non-Profits, NGOs, and government agencies to accelerate your corporate and impact goals.

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We help companies navigate the complex landscape of today’s media using strategy and purpose-driven messaging to communicate to the global community.


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We thank our amazing clients for always challenging us to deliver big and bold results, for the kind words and giving us the opportunity to shine.

Proud Supporters of Humanity 2.0! 2019-2020

Purpose-based; Media + Communications + Events.


Humanity 2.0 a non-profit, (NGO) focused on identifying and removing the most significant impediments to human flourishing in collaboration with the Holy See (Vatican).

CommmPro Worldwide Named 1 of the Top 10 Strategic Communication Agencies in US for Impact in 2021




Proud Supporters of The UN SDGs 2015-2020 

Purpose Based; Media + Communications + Events.


CommPro Worldwide and CEO Matt Bird have delivered some of the most successful executions in the history of the United Nations. Amongst other initiatives, CommPro Worldwide supported the Sustainable Stock Exchange initiative, a dozen heads-of-state, UN Secretary Generals, and foreign Presidents, delivering flawless brand integration and execution for the United Nations and UNCTAD” 


 United Nations & PVBLIC Foundation

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CommPro Worldwide Announces Agency Partner Program

All agencies with purpose-driven communication objectives and strategies are welcome to join our network of impact events. We aim to create a like-minded global community focused on sustainability, human flourishing, ESG and CSR.

COVID-19 PR. Communication (PRSA)

Communicators should always advise a cautious, thoughtful and truthful strategy to address any crisis, and not employ strategies or tactics that flame hysteria. This is especially important during a public health concern.

PR. Driving Stakeholder Engagement (Microsoft)

Survey results show that senior leaders have increasingly prioritized stakeholder engagement, which remains a challenge for many companies. Certain capabilities distinguish companies that have met the challenge.


As businesses step into the post-coronavirus future, they need to find a balance between what worked before and what needs to happen to succeed in the next normal.

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