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CommPro is a full-service social impact PR agency that partners with brands – both established and emerging, corporations, global interests, national organizations, consumer companies, start-ups to unicorn technology companies, high-profile individuals, regional businesses, and others to help them define and achieve their strategic PR and impact goals.   


Excellence, curiosity and courage are very much at the heart of who we are and drive our continued evolution as a firm. They describe us at our very best and ensure we remain distinctive to our clients and to the industry.


To be an effective communication platform partner for the people, brands, and organizations making a real impact on the environmental, social, and economic challenges we face.

To provide strategic communications counseling and programming which enable our clients to build strong relationships across stakeholders, influence attitudes, inform audiences and shape behaviors with the potential to have a positive impact in our society.

  • We undertake our mission by integrating specialist knowledge of practices and industries, local market understanding, proprietary research and insights and industry-leading creativity.
  • We are dedicated to building long-term, rewarding partnerships that add meaningful value to our clients and encourage professional development in our people.
  • We are committed to championing our clients, who are seeking new solutions and initiating change.

As a communications firm, our job is to help clients tell their stories, secure positions, and build effective platforms, which, when done with integrity, will advance their interests.

Inspiring action by bringing visibility to the changemakers who see and do things differently. We go to the front lines of social and environmental innovation in business to spotlight progress, highlight innovation, and position thought-leaders to inspire others to carry the torch.

Social Impact PR & Corporate Communications 

CommPro understands what moves your business. From high-growth venture and PE-backed companies to Fortune 100s, clients appreciate our agile, entrepreneurial approach to public relations. We help you navigate the complex landscape of business communications in the digital age by strengthening reputation, positioning executives as thought leaders, communicating with key constituents, building brand awareness, showcasing next-level innovations, and managing shareholder expectations.


From media tours and global event participation opportunities to impact partnership strategies with NGOs and non-profits that align your c-suite and company stakeholder goals with those global causes.



Media Booking Services.  


CommPro now offers exclusive media booking services for brands, issuers, advertisers, and publishers. 


MEDIA TYPES  Event Speaking, Stock Exchange Features, News Network, Interviews; Web & Print, Webinars & Podcasts, Editorial Features, Video, TV & Radio



Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships.

We work with organizations to mobilize media, data, and technology for sustainable development and social impact around the world.  CommPro connects public, private, and nonprofit sectors, plugging innovations into social agendas and helping governments, NGOs, and intergovernmental organizations amplify their impact through original programs, creative partnerships, strategic donor funds, and global events. CommPro has managed programs and partnerships that have reached more than a billion people in over 100 countries and inspired global action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Our public affairs heritage is at the core of our work to help clients build relationships and make strong connections with critical stakeholders and the public to bring about meaningful impact for business and society.

Public & Media Relations

Our media teams create impactful and effective communication strategies that reflect your narrative and reach multiple audiences producing tonnage of media in mainstream, regional, local and industry-specific media outlets.


CommPro’s digital team works to enhance your impact, grow your customer and member base, protect your brand and increase top-line revenues through powerful platforms that amplifies messages immediately and globally in a targeted ways.


We help clients navigate strategic change by creating strong partnerships and aligning goals with global platforms, events, forums, NGOs and non-profits for social good – providing an effective approach to ESG, CSR, and Sustainability initiatives that drive reporting results.

Event Management

CommPro produces world-class events that drive audiences, revenues, influencer and media participation – extending the life of your event.  We build customized event PR programs that communicate your brand message, drive data, increase brand, product, service and issue awareness.

A Full-Service Agency  

CommPro Worldwide has worked with world-class and emerging brands, corporations, consumer companies, technology companies, healthcare interests, regional businesses, non-profits, government agencies and high profile individuals to help achieve their strategic public relations and marketing objectives across a broad range of interests.

Media Bookings 

Our media relations teams help our clients secure  event participation opportunities at global forums, impact events and industry conferences; book media appearances on major networks, acquire celebrity and industry influencers, and secure interviews with top media across;  TV, Radio, Print, and Web. 


Working with both established and emerging, corporations, global interests, national organizations, consumer companies, start-ups to unicorn technology companies, high-profile individuals, regional businesses, and others to help them define and achieve their strategic PR and impact goals.   




We provide strategic management and tactical advisory focused on public affairs and partnership advocacy. CommPro provides creative strategies for all stakeholders to generate positive outcomes.   

Impact Strategies + PR

 Purpose driven organizations seek platforms to scale Impact, ESG and CSR initiatives. CommPro provides intelligent roadmaps and turn-key opportunities to widen sustainable agendas or simply accelerate current impact objectives. We provide scale to the global community. 

Strategic Communications 

CommPro’s Corporate Communications practice supports all aspects of communicating value to the market, stakeholders, external public interests groups and media.  From news flow management to investor and consumer relations strategies.  

Research Strategy  

With the stakes higher than ever, companies rely on data to inform their most-pressing business decisions. At CommPro, we understand the current business climate and the important role that research plays in developing strategies for success.  

Our team of researchers and digital practitioners bring curiosity, rigor, and industry knowledge to help crack the code on the most challenging issues facing organizations today. Our digital mindset and suite of proven analytical solutions allow us to map your addressable market, life stakeholders sentiment, identify thought-leaders, increase market exposure explore attitudes, test messages, detect crises and leverage real-time data and analytics to set our clients up for success.