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CommPro Worldwide is a purpose-Driven media and communication agency. We help brands build sustainable communication initiatives that people want to be a part of.

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a We Produce World-Class Webinars and Online Events Project management, speaker recruiting, news coverage – environments that lift brands, produce data, deliver audiences and drive revenue. a Live-Stream to 10,000+ Guests. To capture and retain large audiences requires stability and experience. Virtual Events Webinars, live stream, conferences.

CommPro Live 

We go beyond the archive!

CommPro Live is transforming the way companies communicate their messaging by optimizing web and event streaming. Our event division provides both live and digital integrated end-to-end solutions for managing all of your companies events across the entire lifecycle -extending the life of the event through event video syndication. We enable rapid growth in your communication reach through our unique and quality partnerships.

Our Event Experiences, Your Benefit!

From live streaming and video conferencing to audience development and pushing video archives for distribution. 

Our virtual event and video marketing experience is unparalleled.  We have a unique skill set focused on producing network news quality events and developing video production for fortune 500 organization, NGOs, non-profits government agencies, and SMBs.



With CommPro Live virtual events and our distribution platform, you can target and reach considerably larger audiences while extending the life of your event increasing your ROI. We work with all technology platforms; including: INXPO, WebEx, Glisser, Vimeo, ZOOM, Vfairs, Event Farm, on24 and GoTo Meeting. And, we combine that with a proven understanding of system integrations to support small and large scale events tailored to achieving your brand, impact and business objectives. . 

Live Streaming Platform

Virtual Conferences Support

Virtual Experiential Concepts

24 hour service turn-around

Custom Branded Platforms

1+ Million load


We are CommPro LIVE

We go beyond the archive!

Features Included CommPro Live (CPL)
We execute strategic marketing plans for all your events.
We manage all pre and post event editorial for your events.
We manage the most difficult of virtual event processes & logistics.
We secure the best-of-industry experts to speak at your events.
We are experts at creating events that inspire and motivate.
We produce highly profitable event programs with strong ROIs.
Expand media assets beyond webinars to content experiences & syndication opportunities.
Post webinar implemented marketing to 500+ media partners.

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Results Driven

Ambition to be the very best, leads all of us. We care about the quality and integrity of our work above all else.

Strategically Led 

We believe the path to world-class events is through rigorous strategy that has clear and measurable objectives and is rooted in your brands purpose.

Humanity Focused

We strive to help brand that adds value to people’s lives. We believe our industry needs to understand, now more than ever, that doing good can actually help companies succeed.