Tuggo Dog Toys Launches on Kickfurther to Raise Capital for Inventory Financing of Deal-Flow

Crowd-Funding Campaign to Raise $163,212 in 19 Days or Less to Fund Inventory for One-of-a-Kind Dog Toys


GALLATIN, TN–(Mar 29, 2016) – Kickfurther, a leading inventory and invoice financing crowd-funding platform that connects companies and backers seeking qualified short-term deal financing, announced today it has partnered with Tuggo Dog Toys, a new leading pet toy manufacturing company, to finance their inventory for its products on the Kickfurther crowd-funding platform.


This Kickfurther campaign will help fund their products, the Tuggo Ball and Shake-N-Fetch Pin. The Tuggo is a water weighted exercise dog toy with a rope that comes in a 4-, 7-, & 10-inch ball available in blue, red, yellow, pink, and glow-in-the-dark. The design is a hard, hollow plastic ball with a rope going through the middle that can be pulled from either side providing the tug-of-war effect. The ball uses water to add weight to provide tension, which helps promote exercise and build muscle. The newest product is the Shake-N-Fetch Pin water weighted floating exercise dog toy in red and yellow in 3 sizes. The water inside the ball makes a sloshing sound when the pin is being played with, which keeps dogs interested in the toy.


Tuggo Dog Toys’ inventory offering goal is to raise $163,212 USD before the funding close date of April 13, 2016. They are offering 15% profit to their backers over a projected 10-month term. This is Tuggo Dog Toys’ third campaign with the Kickfurther platform. Their first offer was paid back 2 months early, in full and their second offer was paid back 1 month early, even after delays in manufacturing.


Click here to see Tuggo Dog Toys offering on Kickfurther.


About Kickfurther
Kickfurther is a leading inventory and invoice financing crowd-funding platform that connects companies with backers seeking qualified short-term deal financing. Our platform enables productive growth-oriented companies seeking capital to finance production to share their sales opportunities with backers interested to put their money to work in short term profit opportunities in the retail supply chain. Businesses post offers by choosing the amount of inventory capital they need, the profit percentage backers will earn, and a projected timeline based on sales history. Since its 2015 launch, Kickfurther has funded more than $5.21 Million in 230 offers by more than 170 companies. Their backers have earned an average greater than 2% consignment profit per month on completed offers.


For additional information, please visit www.Kickfurther.com.


About Tuggo Dog Toys
Tuggo Dog Toys, LLC is the parent company, which markets and sells the patent pending Tuggo brand Water-Weighted Tug dog toy. This one-of-a-kind toy is the perfect solution for providing dogs with exercise, entertainment and mental stimulation. The toy is indestructible while promoting exercise and building muscle. The TUGGO was invented by former MTSU student, Adam Harrington, after his dogs kept constantly tearing up every ball he bought. He wanted to give his dogs something to keep them entertained and save his wallet. The company is headquartered in Hendersonville, TN.


For additional information, please visit: www.tuggodogtoys.com.




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