The HYPE Foundation, Together With Microsoft and Saucony Is Launching the First Global Platform in Tech Innovation for Sports Alongside the Rio Olympic Games 2016

NEW YORK, NY (May 5, 2016) – HYPE Foundation, providing people with entrepreneurship mindset and start-up best practices, on the way to better lead business, social and technology impact, today announces it has joined forces with Microsoft and Saucony, to launch the first global platform in tech innovation for sports. The platform will include a global youth startups competition that will take place alongside the Rio 2016 Olympic games.


The goal of this project is to create the world’s first wide-scale platform for groundbreaking innovation in sports, focusing on wearable accessories, broadcasting tech, Apps for athletes, coaches and fans. The selected ventures will be personally mentored and guided by some of the world’s biggest companies, including Google, Adidas, Ernst & Young, Nike, Accenture and Black Lab Sports; Registration for the global competition has recently begun.


The project Jury committee, consists of key figures in the field of innovation and sports, including: Mr. Carlos Arthur Nuzman President of the RIO 2016 Olympic Committee Organizing Committee, Daniel Brusilovsky, CIO of the NBA champion’s Golden States; Mac Freeman, VP of Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos; Avram Grant, former coach of Chelsea football club and more.


Amir Raveh, CEO of the HYPE Foundation, noted: “The market for innovation in sports is currently estimated at $250 billion and compared to other markets is still in its infancy. The goal is to provide the first ever international exposure for Innovations that will revolutionize the world of sports as we know it.”


Towards the forthcoming Rio Olympic Games in August, the HYPE Foundation in conjunction with the world’s biggest sports brands has launched an additional platform for the first time called — TOP 50.

The ‘Top 50’ project is intended for start-up companies in the growth stage seeking acquaintance with investors and support from leading companies in sports and technology, international media exposure such as: Puma, Under Armour, polar, Speedo and more. Out of the competing entrepreneurs, the top 50 ventures will be selected by a senior judging committee on behalf of Google and Microsoft. The program consists of various tracks, depending on the entrepreneur’s needs, while the premium track offers a unique opportunity to present the venture alongside the Olympic games in Rio on August 24th.

In addition, registration has begun for the International Startup Competition. The winning projects will go to the Olympic games in Rio. After the registration closes at the end of the month, eight regional competitions will be held around the world: U.S.A. (Denver Broncos stadium and San Francisco — 15.6 and 7.6), U.K. (12.7), Middle East (23.5), Europe (Italy — 31.5), Balkans (23.6) Africa (30.6), and Latin America (14.7).


In each region 10 final candidates will be selected to appear before a senior panel of judges and compete for the right to represent the region at the Olympics. The selected venture from each region will present its product in front of a panel of international experts at the grand final in Rio, including:

Mr. Carlos Arthur Nuzman, President of the RIO 2016 Olympic Committee Organizing Committee, Daniel Brusilovsky, CIO of the NBA champion’s, Avram Grant, former coach of Chelsea football club; Yuval Brown, CEO of Saucony (IL); Mac Freeman, VP Denver Broncos (Super Bowl champion of 2016); Dr. Gilad Weingarten, Head of scientific at HYPE and representatives of investment funds and private investors. The winning start-up will receive 100 thousand Euros from the owner of Disruptive Technologies Fund. Among the startups already participating in projects is AXIS of Louis Saha — Ex Manchester United and Play Plus of Andi Ram, the Grand Slam winner.


Amir Raveh, CEO and founder of the HYPE Foundation added: “While other areas around the world are at the forefront of technological progress, the world of sports has suffered from relative conservatism for decades. Our goal is to change this perception. We’ve realized that this field creates a strong bond with the community, especially the younger generation and therefore should draw tens of thousands of people around the world to take part in this unique project.”


Yuval Brown, CEO of Saucony, IL: “We are pleased to take part in promoting projects that advance leisure culture, recreation, and a healthy lifestyle. Our aim is mainly to support innovation and create opportunities to connect with the world’s leading companies. The Company’s involvement in these special projects is welcome and we are thrilled to collaborate with HYPE.”


About Hype Foundation
Hype foundation is the education arm of MG Equity partner’s investment house (EMGI) Operating since 2003. A Member of the IHUB.EU — A European Union organization.


Hype’s mission is to provide people with an entrepreneurship mindset and start-up best practices, on their way to lead business, social and technology impact. Hype’s commitment is to challenge, empower and develop the next generation visionaries of the world.


The foundation works globally in over 40 countries, cooperate with leading figures in the innovation fields, government and companies.


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