SKULLY AR-1 Helmet Free Shipping and 10% Off Group Orders Starts Today

Nationwide Sales Campaign of World’s Most Intelligent Motorcycle Helmet Now in Effect


SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Jun 22, 2016) – SKULLY, Inc., a pioneer at the forefront of Augmented Reality technology and maker of the AR-1, today announced the now active launch of their free shipping promotion on all purchases and 10% discount on group purchases of the AR-1 helmet.


The promotion will last for the next 90 days and is an unlimited quantity offer. Customers will be provided with automatic free shipping of up to $250, and a 10%-off promo code for purchases of two or more AR-1 helmets. Customers are encouraged to visit SKULLY’s website as soon as possible in order to secure their AR-1 place in queue.


Dr. Marcus Weller, Founder and CEO of SKULLY Inc., commented, “This is it. We’ve made it through all the hurdles of getting this revolutionary product out to market, and now it’s time to show our appreciation to all our supporters that brought this vision to life along the way. This promotion signifies the last step of our production journey, and the beginning of a new, trail blazing implementation phase for SKULLY. The AR-1 is the ultimate co-pilot to the motorcycle itself. It is the first piece of technology to ever actually parallel a motorcycle in terms of sophistication and innovation… in fact, it arguably surpasses it. Think of it as a smart phone, but in helmet form. I’m so thrilled to see the beginning of a new age of motorcycling on a national and ultimately worldwide scale, and this Summer promotion celebrates the start of it all.”


The AR-1 is now in full mass production. The AR-1 is the first Augmented Reality motorcycle helmet in the world that has been playfully compared to the “Iron Man” helmet, featuring ground-breaking technology including a 180-degree Blindspot Camera and a real-time Heads-up Display that appears floating and ever-focused before the rider, creating effortless situational awareness and safety. It also features a built-in GPS and Voice Recognition system.


SKULLY Head of Marketing and Product Strategy, Carlos Rodriguez, commented, “With summer in full force, we are excited to make these offers available. The free shipping helps save costs for riders and simplifies the whole ordering process in general. Our group discount reflects and caters to the culture of the motorcycle community. Riders are going to realize immediately how seamlessly this piece of technology incorporates into their daily lives, and how it vastly raises the bar and status quo of enhancing safety on a motorcycle. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of the future of Motorcycling.”

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SKULLY has developed an award-winning Augmented Reality hardware and software platform aimed at saving lives and improving human interaction through its patented technology. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2013, SKULLY’s human-centered approach to engineering has led to the SKULLY AR-1, the first vertically integrated heads up display motorcycle helmet for consumers. SKULLY Synapse™ is a situational awareness platform that enhances the awareness of its users by linking advanced optics to an intelligent network of sensors and microprocessors. SKULLY is a privately held company with strategic partnerships spanning the world’s leading technology companies. For more information, visit


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