Say Allo Artificial Intelligent Dating App Now Available on Android

88% of Singles on Say Allo Have Secondary Education or Higher - Making it the Smartest Dating Community in the World!

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / July 16, 2018 / Say Allo, the artificial intelligence dating app and smart singles community is now available on Android. Say Allo is the first dating app that uses artificial intelligence and a continuous learning algorithm which drives our attraction algorithm that determines visual and intelligence capability matches – built into the SmartSwipe™Technology. Getting each single closer and closer to their intellectual and physical match with each swipe.

SmartSwipe™ leverages artificial intelligence and face-mapping technologies, learning users’ behaviors, interests, and even physical attraction. The algorithm then presents users with a more intelligent filter of the most compatible contextual and physical attraction matches. 


App engagement is a key differentiator to Say Allo’s platform, as the algorithm becomes more intelligent as the app is engaged to learn user interests, which result in more compatible connections.


“Say Allo has been designed to make the process of finding a compatible match effortless. Our continuous learning algorithm increases the probability of finding a compatible match over other applications,” said Unpack’d Technologies and Say Allo founder Zackary Lewis. “Say Allo can’t start a compatibility revolution if we’re not compatible ourselves with both iOS and Android users. That day has arrived.”


About Say Allo


Say Allo (a subsidiary of by Unpack’d Technologies), is the first dating discovery application that uses artificial intelligence and a continuous learning algorithm based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) technology. After a limited beta release in Colorado, Say Allo opened up the application to the US in late 2017. Say Allo is available for both iOS and Android devices. For more information about Say Allo or Unpack’d Technologies, visit


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