Lava Records CEO Jason Flom to Be Interviewed LIVE on Clear Channel – iHeart Business Talk Radio — September 24, 2014

Interview Airs at 7:30AM EDT / 4:30AM PDT / 6:30AM CDT on the Traders Network Radio Show Hosted by Michael Yorba

 NEW YORK, NY–(Sep 23, 2014) – Jason Flom, CEO of Lava Records is scheduled to conduct an in-depth interview with Clear Channel – iHeart Business Talk Radio with Michael Yorba Thursday, September 24th. Among the topics Flom is expected to discuss the rebirth of the company, its short-term and long-term goals, and working with new artists. We encourage shareholders, analysts, industry professionals and all interested parties to tune in and listen live via Clear Channel’s nationally syndicated iHeart Radio stream.


Date: September 24, 2014
Start Time: 7:30am EDT | 4:30am PDT | 6:30am CDT (U.S.)
Network: Clear Channel
Station: DFW 1190AM
KFXR Show: The Traders Network
Host: Michael Yorba
Live iHeart Radio Stream:


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About Lava Records: Lava Records was established in 1995 as a joint venture between Atlantic Records and Jason Flom, who began his career with Atlantic Records. One of the most accomplished A&R people in the music industry, in his early career Flom was responsible for signing such artists as Zebra, Twisted Sister, Skid Row, White Lion, and Tori Amos, as well as helping launch the careers of Stone Temple Pilots and Collective Soul. Since Lava’s inception, among the artists the label has brought to prominence are Authority Zero, Antigone Rising, Kid Rock, Matchbox Twenty, Porcupine Tree, Skillet, Smile Empty Soul, Sugar Ray, The Corrs, Uncle Kracker, Vanessa Williams, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Simple Plan.


In August 2005, Flom resigned as chairman and chief executive of Atlantic Records, ending a 26-year career within the company. Flom was named chairman and CEO of Virgin Records U.S., following the departure of Matt Serletic that same month. In October 2005, Warner Music Group combined Lava Records with its Atlantic Records Group. Warner originally planned the move following Flom’s resignation.


In early 2009, Flom reclaimed the Lava Records imprint from Warner and revived the label under the Universal umbrella. Flom described the rebirth as: “A new start with the same philosophy: find great artists in the rock and pop genre, develop them, work with good partners, and make the biggest records in the business.” Lava operates as joint venture with Universal Republic, who provide promotion, marketing, sales and distribution services. Flom said that he wanted to work with co-presidents Avery and Monte Lipman because “[they] are among the best in the business at breaking new artists.” Lava has signed artists including Lorde, Jessie J, Kaile Goh, and Black Veil Brides.

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About CEO Jason Flom: Jason Flom is an American music industry executive. He has served as the Chairman and CEO of music labels including Atlantic Records, Virgin Records, and the Capitol Music Group. In 1995, he founded Lava Records. He is also a philanthropist who has supported and championed various political and social causes.


A 2003 feature in The New Yorker called Flom “one of the most successful record men of the past 20 years,” known for his “specialty [in] delivering ‘monsters.’”


As a teenager, Flom played guitar in rock bands in New York. He began his career at Atlantic Records as a field merchandiser, and moved into the A&R department under Atlantic founder Ahmet Ertegun. After signing rock artists including Twisted Sister, Skid Row, White Lion, Stone Temple Pilots and Tori Amos, Flom soon became Atlantic’s head of A&R, where he was mentored by Doug Morris.


Flom’s leadership in A&R included breaking new artists, like Jewel, Hootie & the Blowfish and Collective Soul. In 1995 he founded his own label, Lava Records in partnership with Atlantic. At Lava, Flom discovered and championed artists who went on to sell in excess of 100 million records around the world in the label’s first nine years of existence. Artists that Lava have worked with include Matchbox 20, Kid Rock, The Corrs, Uncle Kracker, Antigone Rising, Simple Plan,


The Blue Man Group, Edwin McCain, Sugar Ray and Trans Siberian Orchestra.In 2003 Flom signed the then 14-year-old Hayley Williams to Atlantic Records. Once signed to the label Williams went on to form the hugely successful pop-rock band Paramore. In 2005 Flom sold Lava Records to Atlantic, and was appointed Chairman and CEO of the Atlantic Records Group. In the first year of Flom’s tenure, five albums released by Atlantic Records entered the Billboard Top 200 charts within the Top 5.


Flom departed Atlantic in 2005 after the Warner Music Group became a publicly traded company with newly installed management. Thereafter, Flom became Chairman and CEO of Virgin Records in 2005. Following the merger of Virgin Records and its sister label, Capitol Records in 2007, Flom was appointed as the Chairman and CEO at the top of the newly formed Capitol Music Group.


While leading the Capitol Music Group, Flom worked with artists including Lenny Kravitz, Coldplay and the Rolling Stones. He also signed Katy Perry, and oversaw the recording of her debut album one of the Boys which sold more than 5 million albums and singles worldwide. In early 2009, Flom reclaimed the Lava Records imprint, forming a partnership with Universal Republic for promotion, marketing, sales and distribution services. Lava has signed artists including Jessie J, Kaile Goh, and Black Veil Brides.


Flom serves as a board member for various charitable organizations. These include The Innocence Project of which he is a founding board member — Families Against Mandatory Minimums, The Legal Action Center and The Drug Policy Alliance (a division of George Soros’ Open Society Institute). In addition, Flom has supported various medical research organizations including The T.J. Martell Foundation and City of Hope. He was honored by the UJA Federation as their first “Music Visionary of the Year” in 2000, was awarded 1999′s “Torch of Liberty” by the American Civil Liberties Union and was the honoree at the 2009 Innocence Project Gala.


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