“It’s on Us” Campaign Launches New ‘One Thing’ PSA

WASHINGTON, DC, Sep 8, 2015 – As college students return to campus for the new school year, the “It’s on Us” campaign released a new PSA today titled ‘One Thing.’ In addition, the campaign announced today new partnerships with the Ad Council and Chegg.


The ‘One Thing’ PSA stresses that sex without consent is rape, and features Zoe Saldana, Josh Hutcherson, Johnathan Cho, Nina Dobrev, the Haim sisters, Minka Kelly, Matt McGorry, and Jessica Szohr. The PSA reminds students as they return to school or begin their freshman year that sex isn’t sex unless consent is given.


“Consent is one of the most important things two people can give each other, and without it, it’s rape,” Anne Johnson, Executive Director of Generation Progress said. “More sexual assaults occur on college campuses during the first few months of the school, so now is a critical time to remind students that consent should never be assumed.”


The “It’s on Us” PSA was made possible through support from the PVBLIC Foundation, Mekanism, the Kering Corporate Foundation, and The Ad Council.


In conjunction with the release of the PSA, the “It’s on Us” campaign is proud to announce new partnerships in 2015:

  • The Kering Corporate Foundation which is committed on a two-year partnership, will engage its employees and support campus organizations to fight sexual assault.
  • The Ad Council, the non-profit leader of public service campaigns, will be distributing the PSAs this week to its network of more than 20,000 media outlets nationwide. The ads will air and run in time and space donated by the media.
  • Chegg will work with “It’s on Us” on an original polling project to study baseline attitudes of students on sexual assault. The company will also share the “It’s on Us” message with their users and across their multiple platforms that reach millions of students and parents annually. As the student hub, Chegg makes higher education more affordable, more accessible and more successful for students.

The “It’s on Us” campaign 85 partner organizations will promote the PSA this fall and engaging local student groups in talking about consent and ending campus sexual assault.


In September 2014, PVBLIC Foundation partnered with the White House to launch the “It’s on Us” campaign, aimed at fundamentally shifting the way we think about sexual assault. The campaign is a rallying cry inviting everyone to step up and realize the solution begins with us. Please visit ItsOnUs.org to take the pledge.


There’s one thing I can never have sex without. It’s not something I carry in my wallet.
It’s not something I can buy or something I made.
In fact, there’s only one way for me to get it:
It has to be given to me. It’s consent.
And without it, I can’t have sex, and neither can you.
Because sex without it . . . is not sex. It’s rape.
Consent. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it.
It’s on all of us to stop sexual assault. Learn how and take the pledge at itsonus.org.


About the PVBLIC Foundation
PVBLIC Foundation is an in-kind grant making organization that harnesses the power of media assets to drive social change. Through partnerships with leading media companies, PVBLIC works strategically to pair media assets with key non-profits. We utilize existing and emerging technologies to increase issue awareness around important causes and to help non-profits amplify their message. @PVBLICF or visit www.PVBLIC.org.




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