iPSE-U.S. calls for recognition of all workers this Labor Day

Join iPSE-U.S. AND iWorker Innovations in celebrating America’s most meaningless holiday

Detroit MI, (September 2, 2019) The 125th anniversary of Labor Day is on September 2nd, 2019. While many consider it to be the “unofficial end of summer” Labor Day is a federally recognized holiday that honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers and trade unions made to the development and prosperity of our country. 

So why is it so often ignored? Why has it become the most meaningless holiday in the U.S.?

Was it meaningless when people cried, “union” and were silenced? Was it meaningless when countless men and women died from poor working conditions and finally said, “enough”? Was it meaningless when workers went on strike to demonstrate the need for better pay and protections while subjecting themselves to destitution? Is it meaningless that 1/3 of today’s American workforce still struggle to gain access to basic worker protections?

We don’t think so. And neither should you. Let’s reclaim Labor Day and restore meaning to this holiday. 

This Labor Day, let us honor the workers who choose to structure their work around their lives, who get up every morning and go to bed every night knowing that they are carrying the torch of those workers that came before them demanding autonomy over their lives and access to their basic rights. We stand with those Independent many who are saying they deserve more because they give the most. 

Independent Workers – Consultants, Contractors, Freelancers, the Self-Employed, Small Business Owners – contribute nearly two trillion to the U.S. economy, that accounts for 7% of the entire U.S. GDP, but lack the same basic worker protections and social safety structures that are afforded to traditional employees, or union members, simply based on work style.

iPSE-U.S., together with iWorker Innovations, are working to extend protections to the 50-million strong independent workforce – those who choose to work separately from a larger organization. iPSE-U.S. is a new kind of association, offering members actionable advocacy, a voice in the legislative process and portable benefits, powered by iWorker Innovations. 

While we honor those that fought tirelessly for the right to unionize, we also believe that social responsibility; a solid benefit structure, equal representation, and a unified political voice, must encompass all workers in America.

Join iPSE-U.S. and iWorker Innovations in driving fairness for Independent Workers, to support them by providing a social safety net, a unified political voice, equal taxation and representation under the law and eliminating bias and discrimination.

Regardless of your workstyle, honor the future of work and join us in the fight to modernize our nation’s labor policies. 

About iWorker Innovations 

iWorker Innovations, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) national insurance brokerage and association management enablement provider – serving organizations and businesses with turn-key benefit solutions for Independent Workers. We work directly with lead organizations, associations and government agencies to clearly define what benefits programs can be offered to their Independent Workers – and to secure those critical benefits. 

For more information: www.iw-innov.com

About iPSE-U.S. 

iPSE-U.S., the Association of Independent Workers, defends the tens of millions of Independent Workers, Contractors, Consultants, Freelancers, Self-Employed, Gig Workers, and Small Business Owners in America who choose to fearlessly structure their work around their lives. iPSE-U.S. supports these workers with a political voice, industry insights, portable benefit structure and an ecosystem of like-minded independent professionals. 

America’s Independent Workers should be celebrated for their contribution to our nation. They embody the principles and values of our country’s Declaration of Independence by truly representing what it means to be free. 

For more information: www.iPSE.us.

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