Humanity 2.0 Chairman Fr. Philip Larrey Named Dean of Philosophy at Vatican’s Pontifical Lateran University

Pontifical Lateran University names its Chair of Logic and Epistemology to Dean


VATICAN CITY, July 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Humanity 2.0, focused on identifying and removing the most significant impediments to human flourishing in collaboration with the Holy See (Vatican), is proud announce on July 3rd Humanity 2.0 Foundation Chairman Father Philip Larrey was officially confirmed Dean of Philosophy at the Pontifical Lateran University in Vatican City. The news comes on the heels of a majority vote from the Council of the Philosophy Department placing Fr.  Philip Larrey as the front runner. In a formal confirmation on July 3rd, 2020, the Pope’s Vicar General for Rome and Grand Chancellor of the University, Cardinal Angelo De Donatis, confirmed the appointment.


Fr. Philip Larrey commented: “Although I am honored by the trust of the Faculty and excited to build upon the academic excellence which characterizes our Department, I also realize the profound challenges which lie ahead. The Lateran University, also known as the University of the Pope, is currently addressing the societal and cultural transformations which we all face today. Humanity 2.0 eagerly waits to see how we can best collaborate with the Philosophy Department to continue to identify impediments to human flourishing and support initiatives to overcome those impediments.”  

Students are expected to return to classes in October 2020 with certain virtual aspects still in place.


About Father Philip Larrey 
Fr. Philip Larrey, Ph.D., is a Catholic priest who holds the Chair of Logic and Epistemology at the Pontifical Lateran University in the Vatican. His publications deal with the philosophy of knowledge and critical thinking. He has published several books concerning the effects of the new digital era on society. Two of his recent works highlight this theme: Futuro ignoto (IF Press) and Connected World (Penguin). The Italian translation of this later was published by Mondadori in 2018, entitled, Dove inizia il futuro.


For years he has been following the philosophical implications of the rapid development of artificial intelligence. With candor, he challenges industry leaders he comes into contact with at the Vatican to discuss how technology is shaping the fabric of our society. His new book, Artificial Humanity, delves into a more philosophical discussion of what AI research means for all of humanity.


About Humanity 2.0
Humanity 2.0 a Non-Profit (Non-Government Organization) focused on identifying and removing the most significant impediments to human flourishing in collaboration with the Holy See (Vatican). A vehicle for facilitating collaborative ventures between the traditionally siloed public, private and faith-based sectors. Its mission is to identify impediments to human flourishing and then work collaboratively across sectors to remove them by sourcing and scaling bold and innovative solutions. Developed in collaboration with the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development at the Holy See and a consortium of leaders and luminaries, Humanity 2.0 seeks to unite humanity in the common cause of realizing a better world for our children.


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