Author Agnes Fischer to Be Interviewed Live on iHeart Radio / Clear Channel Atlanta Studios — 640 WGST AM’s “Health Tech Talk Live” on January 31, 2015

Live Interview Airs on "HealthTech Talk Live", Hosted by Ben Chodor at 3:30PM ET / 12:30PM PT / 2:30PM CT

NEW YORK, NY–(Jan 30, 2015) – iHeart Radio / Clear Channel Atlanta Studios — 640 WGST AM’s Health Tech Talk Live hosted by Ben Chodor is proud to announce that author Agnes Fischer of, an enlightening record about the urgency of re-defining birth control in today’s modern era, will be interviewed live tomorrow at 3:30pm ET. In this exclusive double-segment interview, Ms. Fischer will discuss the general lack of dialogue with our doctors about fertility, why we should be striving for a new generation of young women who have a clear understanding of all forms of birth control much earlier in life, and her personal journey in preserving her chances of creating a family in the future.


Shareholders, analysts, industry professionals and all interested parties are encouraged to listen live via Clear Channel’s nationally syndicated iHeart Radio stream.


Date: January 31, 2015
Start Time: 3:30pm ET | 12:30pm PT | 2:30pm CT (U.S.)
Network: iHeart Radio / Clear Channel
Station: 640 WGST AM
Show: Health Tech Talk Live
Host: Ben Chodor
iHeart Radio Live Stream: CLICK HERE 


About Author Agnes Fischer
Agnes Fischer is a business leader who has worked in advertising across major global brands at the world’s leading agencies for the past 15 years. Her career has spanned major CPG’s across multi media. While she continues on in the advertising world, she has recently set her sights on promoting a much more personal mission around fertility education. As a woman who wanted to wait to start a family so she could live life to the fullest in her 20’s and early 30’s, she believes that there is too much misinformation, and too little dialogue about what it really takes to get pregnant, especially after a certain age. And this misinformation can have irreversible consequences. In an effort to ensure women are asking the right questions and understand all of their options, she has started


About is a blog about re-defining birth control. Agnes Fischer believes it’s time for an updated version of birth control: Birth Control 2.0. takes a more in depth and occasionally ironic look at the current definition of birth control; the current definition is narrow, one-sided and occasionally misleading. She suggests that when control means only one thing, prevention, it leads to certain assumptions around how the reproductive system works. She also suggests that the narrow definition of birth control, combined with the lack of dialogue with our doctors, and a media landscape that bombards us with images of ‘older’ moms, leads women to believe that they have plenty of time.


Most women don’t have a good sense of their own reproductive health until they are in a position of having tried to conceive naturally for at least a year. Since most doctors don’t run tests until you’ve been trying for about that long, depending on your age. New generations of young women should have a clear understanding of all forms of birth control much earlier in life. The aim of the blog is to promote real conversations, earlier, amongst women, and between women and their doctors about the realities of fertility. Ultimately, the hope is that egg freezing and other fertility treatments are topics much more openly discussed, and much more accessible.


The blog, will be a fresh diary of personal journeys and represent the point of view of women who have experienced either having their eggs frozen, or other fertility treatments. It provides a unique perspective and human voice in a category cluttered with cold, clinical information that doesn’t help shed light on the human side of fertility. It hopes to add to the dialogue in a way that helps make this topic less extreme and more main stream.


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