FEWDM Fitness Has Successfully Funded Their Inventory Through a Kickfurther Crowd-Funding Campaign

Crowdfunding Based Inventory Financing is Replacing Traditional Invoice for Local Product Companies

KANSAS CITY, MO–(Mar 24, 2016) – Kickfurther, a leading inventory and invoice financing crowd-funding platform that connects companies and backers seeking qualified short-term deal financing, is proud to announce it has successfully completed FEWDM Fitness’ inventory financing through its crowd-funding platform in just 1 minute. The fitness company that designs and develops omni-directional fitness products raised 111,917 USD through Kickfurther investors and is expected to payout a consignment profit of 10% over a projected offer term of 4 months.


In this Kickfurther campaign, FEWDM Fitness funded their inventory for their unique and effective fitness products OmniBall and ROCK 360. The inventory will be shipped to FEWDM Fitness in the name of their Kickfurther backers and the brand intends to provide a total payout of 281,440.58 USD.

ROCK 360 is their core-focused product specifically designed to make abdominal training more effective and engaging. Mobile app technology is a major component to the ROCK 360 experience as customers can access their free app through their mobile device.


OmniBall is two weighted, omni-directional balls that can be attached to the hands and feet to increase traditional strength training functionality. Typical strength training consists of bi-directional (two-directions) movements combined with weighted tools to create various exercises. OmniBall adds a rolling element to standard exercises recruiting your muscles to work in a completely new and effective way. OmniBall was recently featured on the competition show Sweat Inc., hosted by Jillian Michaels. This is FEWDM Fitness’ first campaign with Kickfurther, their preferred platform, as they proved to have a trusted community and track record of financing inventory.


Click here to see the successful FEWDM Fitness offering summary information.


About Kickfurther
Kickfurther is a leading inventory and invoice financing crowd-funding platform that connects companies with backers seeking qualified short-term deal financing. Our platform enables productive growth-oriented companies seeking capital to finance production to share their sales opportunities with backers interested to put their money to work in short term profit opportunities in the retail supply chain.


Businesses post offers by choosing the amount of inventory capital they need, the profit percentage backers will earn, and a projected timeline based on sales history. Since its 2015 launch, Kickfurther has funded more than $4.5 Million in 218 offers by more than 170 companies. Their backers have earned an average greater than 2% consignment profit per month on completed offers.

For additional information, please visit www.kickfurther.com.


About FEWDM Fitness
FEWDM Fitness designs and develops omni-directional fitness products that are integrated with interactive technology. Our proprietary ball-bearing technology enables movement in 360 degrees — a feature exclusive to FEWDM Fitness products. This expanded range of motion increases workout effectiveness and enables limitless exercise variation. Our two products are ROCK 360 and OmniBall. Each product is designed to provide a specific fitness benefit to the customer. ROCK 360 is designed to develop abdominal strength and OmniBall can be utilized for total body training. Since October of 2015, we’ve sold over 600k in product and we are just getting started! We have an innovative line of products that is unlike anything currently available in the market!


For more information about FEWDM Fitness, please visit: www.fewdm.com.




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