Cloudious9® Launches First Vaporizer with Integrated Water-Filtration System Hydra9

Silicon Valley Tech Think-Tank Cloudious9® Reinvents the Vaporizer - New Product Expected to Change the Industry

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Oct 6, 2015 – Cloudious9®, a next generation developer and manufacturer of vaporizer products announced today the upcoming Hydra 9, the world’s first consumer vaporizer product with a built-in water filtration system. With an aluminum alloy cylinder frame and borosilicate glass, the Hydra 9 is not only functional and durable but is designed to fit modern lifestyle needs and pace, which incorporates patent pending technologies that makes vaporizing experiences more efficient than ever before. This device provides its users with an exceptional burning or vaporizing experience, in a well thought over, state of the art product.


Cloudious9’s CEO, Richard Huang said, “There are so many features missing and inconveniences in today’s vaporizers. We addressed some of the pressing issues while adding features never before explored by the vaporizer community in our Hydra 9 design. We’re confident this is the beginning of a series of innovations we can bring to this community.”


Hydra 9™ teaser video: Click Here


Hydra 9, first device with integrated water filtration that burns or vaporizes, incorporates unique features:

  • It comes in a portable, convenient size, easy to fill with water. It is completely anti-leak from top to bottom; it makes it possible to carry or ride a bike with it, or shake without worrying
  • 1 button and multiple temperature settings
  • Made of anti-rust space-craft grade aluminum alloy, borosilicate glass body and has a cutting-edge water filtration system.
  • Removable air duct and anti-leak valve for ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Borosilicate glass twist-on wide-mouth mouthpiece.
  • Interchangeable Vaporization and Burning attachment to easily switch between the 2 methods; easy to maintain and cost friendly to replace.
  • Two attachments for different purposes: *
    • 1) Vaporization:
      Large porcelain vaporization chamber attachment 1.5cm in diameter and 1.5cm deep. Patent pending built-in heat distribution mechanism.
    • 2) Burning: Burning attachment where the heat source is derived from a vertical heating element which allows heat to distribute more evenly from inside out, patent pending. It has dual-air dock during burning, to allow users to increase or decrease airflow intake.

*More attachments could be developed as future add-ons.


Pre-sale date has yet to be determined, but Cloudious9 encourages consumers to sign-up on to receive a notification of the pre-sale date and a pre-sale discount code.


About Cloudious9
Located in the heart of The Silicon Valley, Cloudious9 is an organization utilizing cutting-edge technology and world-class talent to produce exceptional products that promises to deliver the ultimate user experience. Our primary vision is to ensure every product designed is groundbreaking and to constantly maintain a culture where innovation is valued above all else.




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