Cami Dean Pulling Ahead in Congressional District 3 Race

2014 Texas Congressional District 3 Election


COLLIN COUNTY, TX–(Mar 3, 2014) – Cami Dean delivered a direct blow to candidates in the District 3 congressional race Friday afternoon with her Small Business Stimulus Program that she guarantees will generate new jobs and bring more income into the district which was broadcasted live on Clear Channel DFW 1190 AM KFXR Michael Yorba’s The Traders Network Show.


The program, which has ignited the female, youth, Hispanic and business owners to rally a big voter charge coming into Monday and Tuesday, could be all Cami Dean needs to win this election. With three male republican candidates splitting the 2% male vote from previous elections, all Cami Dean would need is less than 1% from women, youths, Hispanic and small business owners to win the District 3 congressional seat election. Contributors have been pouring in to support her business and job stimulus program aimed at encouraging new business start-ups in her District. This is a huge progressive leap forward from the passive Sam Johnson over the last 25 years of his office.


The program aligns some of the biggest companies and service providers in each of their industries to help incubate start-up costs for new ideas and current small businesses. Participating service providers are lending their resources to help mothers, entrepreneurs, minorities, fathers, students and women in Texas District 3 to turn ideas into real business opportunities. Services will be offered for just $1 per service per month which will include Public Relations services, marketing services, lead generation service, programming services, website hosting and design services, commerce platforms, phone systems, fund raising programs and more. Each business will have a year on these programs to get operations stabilized, sales and income generating before rates will be increased. It’s the first program of its kind.


Bundled into these programs is going to be a practical use of the new “JOBS ACT” bill fostering crowd funding fundamentals as a new source of capital formation for small businesses aimed also at keeping investment dollars and assets focused on Texas companies. The JOBS ACT is a program that was headed and passed by Congressmen Patrick McHenry of the 10th district of North Carolina. It will allow private companies to advertise and solicit to individual investors for capital to grow their businesses more freely and easily and not just through complex legal documents like a private placement memorandum and private bank approval policies. What this means is Cami Dean just may accomplish what no other district has ever accomplished before her, an effective business and job stimulus program incorporating public and private initiatives for the rest of the nation to model after starting with Texas Congressional District 3.


When elected Cami Dean says, “The Small Business Stimulus Center will be open to anyone, not just the residents of District 3 but all Texans who want to start a new business or build onto their existing one so long as the business in based in the district.” She has plans on forming strategic partnerships with all districts and congressional heads to scale the model throughout Texas in her first term.


Cami Dean was quoted saying “for years I’ve heard, and I’m sure everyone for that matter has heard, loved-ones, friends and fellow residents talk about how they wish they could pursue their business ideas but just didn’t have the resources. Now everyone will have those resources and be empowered to achieve their dreams, big or small alike. Barbara and Laura Bush have been extremely supportive and an inspiration for me in this election and in the formation of these initiatives. I was able to pull together this platform due to my incredible staff, volunteers and working with the brilliant media and technology experts who are making this possible for everyone in district 3.”


If you support this progress and growth for district 3 vote for Cami Dean.


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