BurstIQ Ranked 2018 Top-10 Enterprise Level Blockchain Solutions in World

Blockchain Entrepreneurs Frank Ricotta and Brian Jackson make the Cover of MirrorReview’s Latest Issue

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / December 26, 2018 / BurstIQ, the leading provider of blockchain platform solutions for the healthcare industry, has been recognized as one of the Top Ten blockchain companies in the world by MirrorReview magazine, and was the only healthcare-specific blockchain company to honored for the elite award. The article published by MirrorReview earlier this month recognized ground-breaking blockchain companies across the globe, with a specific focus on solutions that are being adopted at enterprise scale.


“Colorado-basedBurstIQ is the first company in their field to successfully incorporate blockchain technology into our modern-day health care system,”stated David Thomas, Business Development Manager from MirrorReview. “Over the last decade, society has witnessed an explosion of health-related technology, from electronic health records to IoT fitness devices to low-cost whole genome sequencing. Currently, data from these sources is largely siloed – with limited or no integration with other data sources. Technologies now exist that will break down these silos and enable health data to be connected on a global scale and BurstIQ is at the forefront of this movement according to our research.”

Frank Ricotta, CEO of BurstIQ, is understandably bullish on the future of enterprise blockchain solutions. “We believe that enterprise-level blockchain platforms will pave the way to sustainability and growth in the blockchain industry. We work hard every day to ensure that BurstIQ meets the unique needs of the healthcare industry. We couldn’t be more proud – thank you MirrorReview for acknowledging BurstIQ and our team’s hard work.”

About BurstIQ™

BurstIQ™ is the industry-leading enterprise-level (PaaS) blockchain enablement platform for the health and healthcare industry. The company offers a HIPAA- and GDPR- compliant platform that seamlessly leverages blockchain, advanced security, Big Data capabilities, and machine intelligence to enable healthcare businesses and individuals to access, control, monetize and gain insights from their health data. BurstIQ currently services; Healthcare institutions, insurance, and pharmaceutical companies, Pension funds, government agencies; State, National and international including sovereign nations with stable (PaaP) and custom blockchain solutions.

For more information visit: www.burstiq.com | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


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