Turkish Heritage Organization, SETA, and Sabah Columnists Club to Host Panel on Shaping Turkey in 2018 at Yale Club, New York – Monday, September 24th 2018

Featured Speakers: Saadet Oruc, Prof. Burhanettin Duran, Assoc. Prof Hasan Basri Yalcin, PhD and Moderated ByKilic Bugra Kanat, PhD

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 24, 2018 / Turkish Heritage Organization with SETA, and Sabah Columnists Club is pleased to announce a distinguished panel of many of the most influential minds shaping Turkey. The event which is to be hosted at the Yale Club today in New York will feature key issues such as:

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With a failed coup in 2016, a Syrian refugee crisis, new presidential system, and worsening relations with the U.S., we ask how Turkey has changed and where it is today? Its geopolitical location brings great responsibility and expectations in a changing world. Does the world know what it expects from Turkey and does it understand what Turkey is offering? 

Featured Speakers:

Saadet Oruc– Chief Advisor to the President of the Republic of Turkey, Daily Sabah Columnist 

Prof. Burhanettin Duran – General Director, SETA Sabah Columnist 

Assoc. Prof Hasan Basri Yalcin, PhD – Director of the Strategy, SETA Istanbul & Istanbul Commerce University, Takvim Columnist 

Ismail Caglar, PhD -Society and Media Research Director, SETA, Takvim Columnist 

Moderated By:

Kilic Bugra Kanat, PhD – Research Director, SETA DC, Daily Sabah Columnist 

Event Details 

Location: The Yale Club of New York City

Date: Monday Sept 24th, 2018 

Time:12pm-1:30pm EDT 

Address:50 Vanderbilt Avenue, New York, NY 10017 

About Turkish Heritage Organization

The Turkish Heritage Organization (THO) is a young, independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes discussion and dialogue around Turkey’s role in the international community and issues of importance in the U.S.-Turkey bilateral relationship. 

Founded by a group of Turkish-Americans with backgrounds in community leadership and run by a staff with demonstrated interest in and commitment to Turkish-American relations, THO strongly believes that any successful bilateral relationship rests on cooperation and constructive discussion between the people of both countries. Without taking an institutional position on political issues, THO and its Advisory Board of global scholars and practitioners strive to foster a deep and comprehensive dialogue that is independent of any political orientation to strengthen the relationship between Turkey and the U.S., as well as the larger international community.

THO’s events, programs, research, and publications provide a unique platform for exploring six critical issues in the U.S.-Turkey relationship: Economy, Education, Humanitarian Aid, Security, Energy and Technology. 

To highlight these key issues, THO actively partners with leading think tanks, universities, and nonprofit organizations to host roundtables, panel discussions, and various other programs. Additionally, THO works with Turkish and American academics, experts, government officials, and practitioners to produce timely and independent analysis and research on developments in U.S.-Turkey relations. 

Learn more: www.turkheritage.org

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SOURCE: Turkish Heritage Organization

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