Top 8 Certifications to Boost Your Career and Pay

Marketable skills help freelancers stand out. Simply put, the more tools you have, the more likely you are to attract clients. The following are some of the most in-demand skills on the freelancing market. Getting a certification in any of these will not only increase the size of your toolkit—it will increase your earning potential.


  1. DaVinci Resolve. Hollywood’s best tools in a single app. Master the magic of moviemaking and take your freelance career in new directions.   


Career paths: Digital marketer; video editor. 


Where to get certified: Gain command of this useful video-editing software in courses like Domestika’s “Color Correction Techniques with DaVinci Resolve.”


2. Highcharts. Interactive websites are interesting websites. Highcharts is a JavaScript tool that makes it easier for developers to add graphs, maps and other engaging features. 


Career paths: UX/UI designer; web designer


Where to get certified: Udemy’s “Rapid Highcharts” helps users visualize their data in exquisite and interactive charts.


3. LearnDash. This WordPress plugin lets you create customized online courses, whether you are a professor or a personal trainer. 


Career paths: Tutor; trainer 


Where to get certified: Udemy’s “Niche Marketing, WooCommerce and WordPress LMS” is just one course on online learning that covers LearnDash.


4. MatLab. Built for engineers and scientists, this programming language helps with analyzing data, developing algorithms, creating models and more. 


Career paths: Engineer; researcher 


Where to get certified: EdX offers “MatLab and Octave for Beginners.”


5. MozSEO. Driving up web traffic is critical to business. Companies such as Zillow and Trivago use Moz’s search engine optimization software to attract customers to their sites. 


Career paths: Digital marketer; SEO specialist  


Where to get certified: Coursera’s “Search Engine Optimization Specialization” includes information on Moz’s software. 


6. PyTorch. Take a product from prototyping to production more quickly with the help of this machine-learning framework. In other words, PyTorch can help AI analyze all that data for you. 


Career paths: Engineer; software developer; product developer   


Where to get certified: EdX classes include “Deep Learning with Python and PyTorch.”


7. Salesforce Lightening. With comprehensive data, analytics, artificial intelligence and other tools, Salesforce Lightening boasts that it can save employees up to 10 hours a week. The software aims to help clients boost productivity, optimize operations, build apps fast and work smarter. 


Career paths: UI designer; IT specialist; software developer; sales representative; project manager


Where to get certified: Choose from several courses on Skillshare, including “Salesforce Lightening Experience” 


8. ServiceNow. Specializing in IT, employee and customer workflow, ServiceNow’s cloud-based platform aims to make “the world of work, work better for people.” Help boost your client’s productivity by gaining proficiency in ServiceNow. 


Career paths: ServiceNow is used across an array of industries, from financial services and industrials, to technology and telecommunications. Project managers might find the tool especially useful. 


Where to get certified: Udemy offers many options, including “The Complete ServiceNow System Administrator” course.


(Written by Andrew Waite; Editing and revisions by Nicole Liddy) 

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