Tomorrow, “Transforming the Future for People and Planet” Event at United Nations Headquarters Will Introduce the People+Planet Project, a New Action Network for Social Good to Support the Sustainable Development Goals

New Platform Will Launch Its First Phase January 1, 2016, to Help the World Achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals Over the Next 15 Years


NEW YORK, NY, Sep 28, 2015 – Days after the United Nations General Assembly adopts the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a new post-2015 initiative to support these universal objectives will be introduced at an event in the UN Visitors Plaza “We the Peoples Hub.”


The People+Planet Project (P+PP) is a new action network for social good created to support the SDGs over the next 15 years. Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 29, from 4:00-6:00 pm, the P+PP will be unveiled to the public at an event called “Transforming the Future for People and Planet.”


Ms. Amina J. Mohammed, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Post-2015 Development Planning, will appear at the event to speak about the SDGs and the P+PP.


“The People+Planet Project will contribute to mobilization initiatives to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. We are excited to see organizations like The Global Brain join others to take a stand and support our shared future with projects in service of the planet and its people,” said Ms. Mohammed.


Launching its first phase January 1, 2016, the P+PP platform will support the global community’s necessary shift to more sustainable lifestyles and business models. The P+PP will provide content, tools, and calls to action to facilitate this transformation and help make the SDGs a mainstream priority until 2030.


The P+PP is an initiative from The Global Brain Foundation and the PVBLIC Foundation. Founder of The Global Brain and P+PP Campaign Director Natalia Vega-Berry created the P+PP platform to empower a community of individuals, businesses, nonprofits, NGOs and organizations to consume consciously, profit responsibly, and live purposefully to achieve the SDGs.


“I believe that it’s time for us to be active participants in shaping the solutions to the challenges our world faces,” said Vega-Berry. “Only we can build the future that we want.”


Chairman and Co-Founder of PVBLIC Foundation Sergio Fernandez de Cordova stated, “I am thrilled to be part of the launch of P+PP, a global action initiative, a needed factor in the implementation of the SDGs. At the event we will also make an announcement about PVBLIC’s long term commitment to the project.”


In addition to the aggregated resources on the P+PP, exclusive P+PP Campaigns will launch within the platform to engage different audiences around the economic, social and environmental foundations of sustainable development. These action-oriented, solutions-focused campaigns will help unite the global community to make the SDGs a reality. Only P+PP community members will have access to take part in the campaigns, the first of which will launch in early 2016.


“The People+Planet Project Campaigns are focused on actions, because we want to build a global environment in which sustainable living is commonplace; the campaigns will help move us in that direction,” said Vega-Berry. “I can’t say much about the campaigns at this time, but I can share that the first one will be an economic-focused campaign called ‘Every Dollar’ that will plant the seed of conscious consumerism by nurturing the realization that when we spend and invest our money, we are voting for the world we want to live in now and the world that future generations will be born into.”


Jules Schroeder, founder of CreateU, will be in attendance at the “Transforming the Future for People and Planet” event. CreateU is an online platform designed to reimagine higher education, striving to create an education system in which students are the visionaries of their course of study and ultimately their lives. The P+PP is proud to collaborate with CreateU as it pioneers contemporary education in support of the fourth SDG, to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. In support of this universal objective, CreateU will provide the worldwide community of students with an education experience unlike any other that is less costly and more current with the evolving world.


Accredited media are welcome to attend (so long as space remains) but must RSVP to Leia Schultz at with their name, title and organization to be added to the guest list. There will be a short Q&A session during the event. Contact Leia to schedule an interview with P+PP Campaign Director Vega-Berry.


About PVBLIC Foundation, an in-kind grant making organization that harnesses the power of media assets to drive social change, is an early partner of the P+PP and is the event’s media sponsor.


About The Global Brain Foundation is a creative-innovation agency headquartered in Boulder, CO, that works collectively to promote causes, organizations and brands that support a sustainable future.


About the People+Planet Project
The People+Planet Project (P+PP) is an action network for social good created to help the world achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The first phase of the P+PP platform will launch January 1, 2016, to support these shared objectives over the next 15 years. The platform will aggregate content, tools and calls to action to engage a global community of individuals, businesses, NGOs and other organizations as they shift their lifestyles and business models to be more sustainable. Exclusive P+PP Campaigns will launch within the platform to engage different audiences around the economic, social and environmental foundations of sustainable development; the first P+PP Campaign will launch in early 2016. The P+PP is an initiative of The Global Brain, a creative-innovation agency headquartered in Boulder, CO. Find more information and sign up to join the community at


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