ShelterZoom Case Study

ShelterZoom signed the first ever partnership with the Vatican to digitize the Vatican's private library

The Challenge

ShelterZoom was founded in 2017 by Allen Alishahi and Chao Cheng-Shorland who wanted to bring real estate transactions up to the level that consumers of today expect. They have since created the world’s first tokenized, industry-agnostic digital contract platform to advance deal, contract and transaction management in the online space. As first-movers in the space we have had the privilege of claiming vital patents, extensive press coverage, and the ability to capitalize on the momentum of our initial product.

Execution & Strategy

ShelterZoom has an innovative product that is revolutionizing the real estate industry through their digital contract platform. 


Through CommPro’s scope-of-work, we designed, developed, and executed strategic communications, media, and partnership initiatives to lift visibility, credibility and accelerate ShelterZoom product commercialization efforts and business objectives.


Through CommPro’s network, we helped ShelterZoom drive product adoption through strategic partnerships, positioned ShelterZoom as an industry leading blockchain document management company, and identified media opportunities to increase company visibility, credibility and profile.


Signed the first ever partnership with the Vatican to digitize the Vatican’s library

●Coverage in business, tech, and lifestyle media outlets
●Increased media visibility 
●Featured guest on the 2021 Digital Davos panel for blockchain with IBM
●Launching product to South East Asia market

PR and Media Coverage