PVBLIC Joins First Lady in Making Room for Young Generations Furthering Their Education

PVBLIC Honored to Partner and Be in Attendance at the White House Launch of the #BetterMakeRoom Campaign

NEW YORK, NY, Oct 20, 2015 – On October 19th, First Lady Michelle Obama formally launched the “Better Make Room” campaign in support of her Reach Higher program, which encourages expansion of educational opportunities for youth across the country.

The “Better Make Room” initiative is a public awareness campaign that aims to target Generation Z (youth aged 14-19) and encourages them to continue their education beyond high school. The campaign will leverage traditional and digital media platforms to share students’ stories and achievements, honoring them in a way similar to prominent celebrities or athletes. The initiative seeks to recognize the hard work of students and provide the tools and resources to motivate them to continue their academic pursuits.

PVBLIC Foundation, a media outreach partner for the campaign, is helping promote Better Make Room by creating partnerships with Lamar Outdoor and Adams Outdoor for digital billboards and with Conversant for online display advertising nationwide.

PVBLIC Foundation’s Founding Executive Director, Rachel Cohen Gerrol, was in attendance at the official White House launch on Monday morning. Gerrol expressed her excitement for the initiative, stating, “PVBLIC is excited to be partnering with the White House on this initiative. As an organization, we recognize the influential role of media and the power it has to drive social change. The media plays an influential role in shaping young people’s opinions and it’s important that we are sending them positive messages as they are our future.”

For more information about the “Better Make Room” campaign and to view the stories being shared visit BetterMakeRoom.org.

About PVBLIC Foundation:

PVBLIC Foundation is an in-kind grant making organization that harnesses the power of media assets to drive social change. Through partnerships with leading media companies, PVBLIC works strategically to pair media assets with key non-profits. We utilize existing and emerging technologies to increase issue awareness around important causes and to help non-profits amplify their message. @PVBLICF or visit www.pvblic.org


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