BurstIQ | U.S. Blockchain Goes Global


June 8, 2020


Financial, Public-Private Partnerships, Social Impact, Sustainability

About BurstIQ

BurstIQ was founded with one mission: to enable this next era of health. We believe that each person deserves to live their healthiest, happiest life, and that data will democratize health on a both a global and an individual level. The BurstIQ platform was purpose-built for this new era. It connects any data from any source in a global network of businesses, researchers and people – all connected directly to each other. Since BurstIQ was founded in 2015, the platform has grown into a full end-to-end blockchain enablement system, with blockchain-based big data management, consent and data sharing, cognitive computing, monetization, and global data exchange. Our customers use the BurstIQ blockchain platform to build more, sell more, innovate more.