Performance Based PR Is Changing Public Relations Industry

CommPro Worldwide is Leading the ROI PR Charge


NEW YORK, NY (Feb 2, 2015) – CommPro Worldwide, the leading Performance Based PR and online Marketing agency, today announced its performance-based PR business model hit an industry milestone, successfully booking over 200 CEO’s in 2014 on major TV/ Radio news networks and major publications. The model marks a revolutionary approach to public relations services by ensuring that businesses actually receive the publicity they pay for.


Unlike most traditional PR firms or public relations service providers that charge agency retainers or expensive hourly advisory billing, CommPro Worldwide focuses on bundling the overhead costs into success fees when they take on Performance based PR placement for their clients. They only charge for actual placements secured on a client’s behalf at a pre-negotiated rate. Thus, CommPro shoulders all the risk and the client get exactly what they’re paying for.


The entire online advertising industry achieved enormous success by using a performance-based business model for ad placements, impressions and more, and because of the advent of this model the industry has grown over 10,000 % since. “We are now applying this proven methodology war tested by Google, Yahoo, Linkedin and others to the PR industry,” said Matthew Bird, President of CommPro Worldwide. “Billing clients for verified results is a completely new paradigm in the field of public relations and is a win-win for both the client and for us, it keeps our feet to the fire and our team busy working for our clients. Now for the first time, businesses, large or small, can reap the benefits and inherent value of publicity with no financial risk or uncertainty whatsoever and that’s truly what business is about for me, helping companies succeed.”


Performance based PR services is just one of the many tier-one public relations and online marketing services CommPro Worldwide offers. The company has a heavy focus on CEO publicity programs, multi-channel communication programs for emerging growth companies and a whole suit of small and medium size business PR, marketing and lead generation solutions.


About CommPro Worldwide

CommPro Worldwide is a leading performance-based PR and marketing firm and service provider. Founded in 2013, CommPro offers multi-channel communications program, content marketing and CEO publicity services for public and companies, government, municipalities, news networks and agencies worldwide. We utilize a broad network of over 1,000 news publishers (TV, radio, print & digital) and wide array of PR and marketing services to support sales, business development and local lead generation efforts for our clients and reseller partners. To learn more about CommPro Worldwide visit us at




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