Nicole Liddy

Senior Project Manager

About Nicole Liddy 

Nicole Liddy is a talented, hardworking, creative-thinker and leader with experience working with startup companies, organizing and growing them, and being a passionate advocate for the companies she aligns herself with.


With a focus in media and public relations, her strengths include great communication skills, managing pre/mid/post-production event content, organizing company CRM’s, building effective cross-communication strategies and building and launching successful social media marketing campaigns.


Nicole wants to drive change and make the world a better place for generations to come. Having experience working with non-profits and companies that advocate for social impact and sustainability, she is very passionate about incorporating sustainability into her lifestyle and making it a fun and interesting topic that will inspire others to live more practically.


Nicole is a former Division 1 collegiate swimmer for the University of Rhode Island where she found her love for the sport has led her to be team-oriented, passionate, dedicated, and a natural leader.


Nicole was one of the project leads that helped CommPro Worldwide implement many successful company protocols including; improving the hiring process by implementing an ATS system and in turn reducing hiring process time, designing and executing a full company rebrand, improving on the companies existing CRM and implementing a successful cross-department communication strategy, and integrating a new data analytics that help track our SEO and in turn help us improve our overall social media analytics.. 


Nicole is a natural leader with track record of success project-managing high-profile clients and public-private partnership projects. Nicole helped Commpro execute planning, approvals, design, and completion phases within challenging deadline and budget parameters. 


Nicole has also attended some of the highest-level impact events including; Humanity 2.0 at the Vatican, Blockchain for Europe forum at the EU Parliament, and the Greenwich Economic Forum. At these events, Nicole oversaw the camera operators and helped arrange interviews with various thought-leaders and industry titans. In post-production, Nicole managed a team of highly skilled video editors who edited the videos from these impact events and turned them around to downstream to all syndication partners including ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. Through Nicole’s leadership, the video editing team was able to reduce turn around time by 37% with her highest produced video has over 26,000 views and almost 400,000 impressions. 


Nicole is hoping to be able to attend in-person events agin in the upcoming year and to bring more high-quality interviews and panel discussions to the public.

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