Massive Bio, Inc. CEO Selin Kurnaz to Be Interviewed on “The Big Biz Show”

Interview Airs September 15, 2015, Hosted by Bob "Sully" Sullivan, 3:50PM ET / 12:50PM ET / 2:50OM CT

NEW YORK, NY, Sep 14, 2015 – Massive Bio, Inc., NYC based start-up, provides personalized testing and treatment advisory services for cancer patients, oncologists and oncology practices by leveraging its cancer genomics expertise, announced today that Chief Executive Officer Selin Kurnaz will be interviewed live on “The Big Biz Show” hosted by Bob “Sully” Sullivan. In this exclusive interview, Ms. Kurnaz will discuss the company’s 2015 milestones, objectives, and an in-depth look into the CEO behind the company’s success.


Date: Tuesday, September 15, 2015
Start Time: 3:50pm ET | 12:50pm PT | 2:50pm CT (U.S.)
Network: Syndicated: AFN, Tivo, CBS Radio, Fox Business, AOL, YouTube, Biz Talk Radio, Clear Channel
Show: The Big Biz Show
Host: Bob “Sully” Sullivan
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About the Big Biz Show
The Big Biz Show is a nationally syndicated radio / television program broadcast on 150 stations throughout the country with a weekly reach of 1.7 million listeners reaching over 70 million homes. The Emmy Award winning show was named by TALKERS Magazine as one of the “Top 10 Most Influential Financial Shows” in the country is highly recognized for discussing current business events, internet related issues, and other hot topics in the business world; doing so in an informing, laid back, and humorous manner. Hosts, Bob “Sully” Sullivan and Russ “T Nailz” Stolnack; both are renowned and experienced radio broadcast personalities. The Big Biz Show airs Monday through Friday, 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. PT.


About Selin Kurnaz
Selin is the co-founder and CEO of Massive Bio. Selin has a unique and global background, which is comprised of industry, academia and consulting. After completing her PhD. at the University of Michigan and receiving multiple engineering degrees, Selin has spent a decade in revenue enhancement, margin and capital efficiency improvement for over a dozen companies mostly in Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences. In addition, she has hands-on experience and measurable success in identifying and delivering value to more than a dozen investment firms and most recently she was with EY’s Private Equity Value Creation. Selin wrote various journal papers and presented in numerous conferences in the areas of improving customer responsiveness under disruptive times.


About Massive Bio, Inc.
“Massive Bio makes cancer treatment personalized, accessible, and affordable” Massive Bio ( is an advisory company for cancer patients, oncologists and oncology practices, established in Aug 2014, New York City. Massive Bio leverages healthcare informatics and a team of molecular oncologists from major cancer centers, to capture and automate cancer diagnostics and treatment expertise, and delivers them over intuitive web interfaces to cancer patients around the globe. Massive Bio helps to save lives, improves patient outcomes while minimizing costs due to improved productivity, accuracy, and rigorous analytics.




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