John Paul DeJoria - Good Fortune Movie

Founder of Patron Tequila launches 'Good Fortune' documentary

The Challenge

GOOD FORTUNE is the rags to riches tale of conscious capitalism pioneer John Paul DeJoria. Born with nothing, at times homeless on the streets of LA, “JP” spent his early adulthood in and out of motorcycle gangs only to wheel and deal his way to the top of a vast hair and tequila empire. A modern day Robin Hood, JP’s motto is “Success unshared is failure.” The son of immigrants, JP defies the stereotype of ‘the 1%’ and is the poster boy of the triple bottom line – people, planet and profit.

Execution & Strategy

Through CommPro’s strategic media strategy, we turned John Paul Dejoria’s documentary into evergreen content that is still active to this day.


CommPro is responsible for the successful movie launch and premiere with guest appearances from well known figures such as Geraldo Rivera.


Through our rigorous media strategy, we designed, developed, and executed strategic communications, media, and partnership initiatives to lift visibility, credibility. Good Fortune was also nominated for Best Documentary by Sedona Film Festival.


Featured in 5,000+ Publications (2018–2020)

●Nominated for Best Documentary by Sedona Film Festival
●Name and brand recognition 
●Boost in sales of both John Mitchell and Patron Tequila products
●Coverage in business and lifestyle media outlets

PR and Media Coverage