JEMS Technology CEO Kevin Lasser to Be Interviewed Live on iHeart Radio / Clear Channel Atlanta Studios — 640 WGST AM’s “HealthTech Talk Live” on January 24, 2015

Live Interview Airs on "HealthTech Talk Live", Hosted by Ben Chodor at 3:00PM ET / 12:00PM PT / 2:00PM CT

ORION, MI–(Jan 23, 2015) – JEMS Technology, a telehealth solutions company that improves security, immediacy, quality, and mobility, announced today that Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kevin Lasser will be interviewed live on iHeart Radio’s HealthTech Talk Live hosted by Ben Chodor and broadcasted nationwide on iHeart Radio/ Clear Channel Atlanta Studios — 640 WGST AM tomorrow, Saturday at 3:00pm ET. In this exclusive double-segment interview, Mr. Lasser will discuss how Healthcare providers have suffered without a reliable telemedicine system for secure real-time mobile until “The JEMS™ Mobile Health System.” The system is available everywhere, including over 3G, 4G, and “coffee shop” Wi-Fi. Shareholders, analysts, industry professionals and all interested parties are encouraged to listen live via Clear Channel’s nationally syndicated iHeart Radio stream.


Date: January 24, 2015
Start Time: 3:00pm ET | 12:00pm PT | 2:00pm CT (U.S.)
Network: iHeart Radio / Clear Channel
Station: 640 WGST AM
Show: HealthTech Talk Live
Host: Ben Chodor
iHeart Radio Live Stream: CLICK HERE


About JEMS Technology
Headquartered in Orion, Mich., JEMS Technology’s focus is simple: Consult. Anytime. Anywhere. It specializes in secure, encrypted (HIPAA compliant) real-time video to handheld devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Android-based phones and Android-based tablets. JEMS Technology is focused on the healthcare market, where remote access to secure live video can assist healthcare providers to deliver better care. From real-time video to phone connectivity, JEMS Technology is effective, easy-to-use and easy to implement.


The JEMS platform is adaptable and scalable — the JEMS suite of solutions is being utilized in various health care disciplines (tele-neurology, tele-ALS, tele-OR, tele-OB, tele-cardiology, etc….) in both private and public institutions (DHS, VA, Department of Justice). JEMS is also delivering immediate best in class health care for better outcomes from places other than health care facilities (first responder vehicles, residences, etc…).


Additionally, JEMS is now being utilized in non-healthcare markets. One such example is “tele-engineering.” Rather than travel to various manufacturing plants to repair equipment, an engineer can advise others on how to make those repairs in an immediate, efficient and secure manner from the convenience of their smart device.


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About CEO Kevin Lasser
Mr. Kevin Lasser has 29 years of experience in business building, finance, and technology solutions. Mr. Lasser is Chief Executive of JEMS Technology — the mobile health care solution that provides a consult anytime, anywhere. He oversees global business operations for JEMS — which is becoming the preferred tele health choice for health care providers in North America, and Asia in both private and public institutions. Additionally, he is a committee member of the inaugural mobile health HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) committee and past chair of MTAM’s (Mobile Technology Association of Michigan) mHealth Advisory Council.


Prior to JEMS, Mr. Lasser was Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Encryption Security Solutions (ESS) and Pure Entropy Technologies (PET) where he led both companies in becoming best in class providers of encryption/cyber security solutions to private (through ESS) and public (through PET) institutions.


Prior to ESS and PET, Mr. Lasser was President and founder of Sage Financial Corporation (Sage). Sage was consistently honored with “Top Ten Money Finders Group Awards” from esteemed financial organizations such as GE Capital, Pitney Bowes Financial and Maryland National Financial Corp. Sage funded approximately $220 million for small to mid-size businesses over a ten-year period.


Mr. Lasser is a well sought-after key thought leader on matters of tele health. He has spoken on many topics including — “The ROI in health care on mobile devices,” “Bio Medical Wireless Technologies,” “Health Care Technology for Critical Access Facilities,” “The impact of Mobile Devices in Healthcare,” and the recipient of numerous professional awards.


About iHeart Radio/ Clear Channel
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About HealthTech Talk Live
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