Egenera CEO Pete Manca Discusses 2014 Outlook on Clear Channel’s “The Traders Network Show”

Recap of the 2-Segment Exclusive Interview with Egenera CEO, hosted by Michael Yorba DFW 1190 AM KFXR Highlights Egenera’s Evolution of Hybrid Cloud Environments


DALLAS, TX– (Mar 13, 2014) – “The Traders Network Show” broadcasted live from Clear Channel Business Talk Radio DFW 1190 AM KFXR today announced the interview recap of special guest CEO Pete Manca of Egenera, a leader in converged infrastructure and cloud management software.


In this captivating 2-segment interview, Manca describes how Egenera is simplifying customers’ data infrastructure and expanding their product from simple cloud management to a more open hybrid cloud environment. Pete had the opportunity to discuss the success and momentum Egenera has seen over the last year as well as discuss thoughts for what he expects to see in 2014 in the network management and cloud computing space. The exclusive interview touched on Manca’s story, the company’s automation and IT management solutions, market success, 2014 outlook and long-term agenda.


Manca predicts that 2014 and beyond will see a new ‘drive for detail’ in which we will see new levels of specialization within the cloud computing industry. The old paradigm of acquiring massive amounts of equipment to solve every possible need is quickly fading away. In this new world, cloud computing offers true on demand access and a pricing model that fits this type of dynamic environment. The way for cloud vendors to satisfy customer needs is to give them the ability to choose clouds, or combinations thereof, that satisfy these requirements. This capability, Manca added, needs to be delivered by a simple to use self-service portal and catalog, allowing customers to choose best of breed clouds to build out their IT services.


With the proliferation of the cloud, Manca does see complexities arising. In order to avoid circumstances where organizations either have to become an expert in how cloud services are delivered or take the cloud provider’s word completely on faith; Pete predicts that aggregation services like cloud brokers will help companies navigate through the cloud services complexities to ultimately reduce cost while making it simpler and safer for companies to navigate and ultimately integrate services.


Hear about how their corporate motto, mission control for your cloud, applies to businesses, and how the company has evolved in recent years from enabling customers to manage multiple vendors’ hardware and virtualization technologies, to enabling the management of hybrid cloud environments.


The Clear Channel interview archived can be found here:


Segment 1 (10min, 07sec):

Segment 2 (10min, 09sec):

Network: Clear Channel
Station: DFW 1190 AM KFXR
Host: Michael Yorba
Show: The Traders Network


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About Egenera: Converge. Unify. Simplify. That’s how Egenera brings confidence to the cloud. The company’s industry leading cloud and data center infrastructure management software, Egenera PAN Cloud Director™ and PAN Manager® software, provide a simple yet powerful way to quickly design, deploy and manage IT services while guaranteeing those cloud services automatically meet the security, performance and availability levels required by the business. Headquartered in Boxborough, Mass., Egenera has thousands of production installations globally, including premier enterprise data centers, service providers and government agencies. For more information on the company, please visit Follow Egenera on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.


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