Bob’s T-Shirt Store Has Successfully Funded Their Inventory Through a Kickfurther Crowd-Funding Campaign

Raises 431,082.90 in 1 Week to Finance Their Purchase Orders of Growing Product Lines

MASCOUTAH, IL (May 9, 2016) – Kickfurther, a leading inventory and purchase order financing crowd-funding platform that connects companies and backers seeking qualified short-term deal financing, is proud to announce it has successfully completed $31,082.90 inventory financing in 1 week with Bob’s T-Shirt Store, a Company that owns technology, information, and equipment that allows them to print T-Shirts like never before. The funds will be used to finance growing purchase orders for Bob’s T-Shirts inventory. Bob’s T-Shirt Store is expected to payout a consignment profit of 11% over a projected offer term of 7 months.


In this Kickfurther campaign, Bob’s T-Shirt Store funded their inventory financing goal to help them purchase 10,000 blank tees directly from the manufacturer in order to keep up with demand. The inventory will be shipped to Bob’s T-Shirt Store in the name of their Kickfurther backers and the brand intends to provide a total payout of $34,502.02 USD.


Once Bob’s T-Shirt Store receives a stock of blank T-Shirts, they will begin listing hundreds of new designs to their website and eBay stores. They have 80,000 subscribers to their email list that will begin seeing fresh new T-Shirt designs each week. Their grey T-Shirts are soft, loose fitting, and very comfortable with a price point of $12.50. The necks do not droop, and they will never shrink. The designs they print are in full color. After hundreds of washes they never peel, crack, or fade.


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About Kickfurther
Kickfurther is a leading inventory and purchase orders financing crowd-funding platform that connects companies with backers seeking qualified short-term deal financing. Our platform differs from traditional invoice factoring companies by enabling consumer product companies seeking capital to finance purchase order and inventory growth in production by sharing their sales opportunities with backers interested to put their money to work in short term profit opportunities in the retail supply chain.


Businesses post offers by choosing the amount of inventory capital they need, the profit percentage backers will earn, and a projected timeline based on sales history. Since its 2015 launch, Kickfurther has funded more than $6.3 Million in 251 offers by more than 170 companies. Their backers have earned an average greater than 2% consignment profit per month on completed offers.


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About Bob’s T-Shirt Store
Bob’s T-Shirt Store is an Illinois company founded 22 years ago by owner Bob Schubert. Early on the business was a part time venture. Several years into it, the owner realized he had something way more than a hobby. Their primary source of revenue over the years has come from screen-printed work apparel sold to businesses across the USA. Customers buy apparel from their website and then they screen-print their company logo before the order ships. They built up a customer base many years ago and have not taken on many new customers since 2008. They are very good at what they do, and they take excellent care of our existing clients. Their work apparel website launched in 2001 and they have never had a price increase. Revenue is steady year after year.


They have recently stumbled upon a once in a lifetime opportunity. They have figured out a new way to print T-Shirts. The new printing process cuts labor costs 90% and eliminates the need for a big production facility. They have plans to add more than 300 designs by Summer 2016.


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