BioSculpture Technology Inc. to Focus Research and Development Efforts to Rollout Endoscopic Visceral Lipectomy (“EVL”) to Address the $2T Yearly Obesity-Related Disease Market

EVL (Endoscopic Visceral Lipectomy) Has the Potential of Doing to Obesity Treatment What LASIK Did for Vision Correction


WEST PALM BEACH, FL–(Oct 11, 2016) – BioSculpture Technology, Inc., a commercial stage medical device manufacturer of liposuction surgical instruments for plastic surgeons, announced today that management is refocusing the company’s principal emphasis on the bariatric treatment market. The decision comes on the heels of recent breakthrough milestones from the company’s research development of their patented minimally invasive method and device for treating endoscopic removal of visceral or better known as “belly fat.” The company expects a full go-to-market rollout within the next 12 months to begin clinical testing of Endoscopic Visceral Lipectomy (“EVL”) as a new treatment for obesity, metabolic syndrome and type 2 Diabetes mellitus to service the $2 trillion marketplace.

BioSculpture Technology has obtained three method and device patents for the minimally invasive procedure of Endoscopic Visceral Lipectomy to assess which of that “belly” fat is most noxious and remove it and has numerous additional patents pending. Unlike all other bariatric interventional alternatives, the results of EVL are expected to be permanent and not require cutting into the bowel or stomach, rearranging the body’s alimentary plumbing, leaving behind a foreign body, or have any danger of creating malabsorption syndromes and nutritional cripples. Rather than starving this fat by the current bariatric surgical and device alternatives, this disruptive technology should make it possible to permanently remove this metabolically noxious visceral or “belly” fat in the mesentery in a safe and control fashion hitherto not possible.


Robert L. Cucin M.D., CEO of BioSculpture Technology, commented, Although safety and efficacy studies have yet to be performed and regulatory approvals obtained, we believe EVL has the potential of doing for obesity treatment what LASIK did for vision correction. Bringing this highly disruptive EVL technology to market so the millions of patients affected by obesity can benefit is BioSculpture Technology’s highest priority.


About BioSculpture Technology, Inc.

BioSculpture Technology, Inc. (“BST”) manufactures medical devices and procedures for handling adipose tissue targeting the liposuction and body sculpting market; the bariatric treatment market; and the fat autograft and adipocyte-derived stem cell processing markets. The Company specializes in the advanced power assisted twin-cannula tissue aspiration systems that allow controlled and effortless tissue removal. These tube-within-a-tube, Twin Cannula Assisted Liposuction or “TCAL” systems offer significant advantages in control and reduced effort over less sophisticated methods, even single cannula Power Assisted Liposuction or “PAL” systems, a technology BST’s founder also invented earlier and licensed out to Mentor.


TCAL can be safely adapted for other specialties and uses for which manual and other powered systems would pose a hazard. BST believes endoscopic and laparoscopic applications in particular have high potential for generating significant future revenue streams.


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