Angelica Fuentes Joined President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden During Hispanic Heritage Month LATAM Council Reception at White House

President Barack Obama and LCLAA Executive Director Hector Sanchez Discuss the Importance of LATAM Immigration into the United States, Hispanics Access to Healthcare, Education and Other Resources

EL PASO, TX–(Oct 14, 2016) – Angelica Fuentes Foundation (FAF), a private institution committed to the overall empowerment of women of all ages through the strengthening and financing of organizations that support women’s advancement, today announced its Founder Angelica Fuentes attended the Hispanic Heritage Month events in Washington, DC hosted by the LABOR COUNCIL FOR LATIN AMERICAN ADVANCEMENT, and later at the White House reception hosted by United Sates President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. The main theme: the current status and the progress of the Hispanic community in the United States.


The events started at 10am with the White House Latino Policy Summit, where Angelica Fuentes socialized with key influencers and gender equality advocates to add to current agendas. Everyone moved to the White House reception hosted by President Obama and Vice President Biden, where the President of the United States delivered a speech in celebration of the Hispanic Heritage Month 2016, based on the proclamation signed by the President recognizing the contribution of the Hispanic community to the country and its commitment to continue the efforts of Hispanic migration and integration into the United States.


Angelica Fuentes, Founder of the Angelica Fuentes Foundation, commented, “The entire day was extraordinary, I just want to thank and commend Executive Director Hector Sanchez of LABOR COUNCIL FOR LATIN AMERICAN ADVANCEMENT and Chair of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda for his work in furthering the contribution of the Hispanic community to the United States, and advocating for the community’s rights and duties to the country, and for his hospitality and the many presented opportunities for collaboration. We were honored to be a part of this momentous occasion.”


About Angelica Fuentes Foundation
Angelica Fuentes Foundation believes that women empowerment and gender equality are some of the most efficient tools for social, economic and environmental development. They envision a world in which women and men cooperate and work together in a context of equanimity and equality of opportunities, where women are able to fully participate in all the areas of human endeavor, for their personal wellbeing as well as that of the communities they live in.


Angelica Fuentes Foundation’s goal is to promote and encourage gender equality and women empowerment in Latin America as one of the most efficient tools for economic, social and environmental development in the region. To achieve this goal, they work with a model that seeks to accurately measure the impact they can have in communities and countries where they have a direct or indirect presence, through their programs, their network of organizations or those for which they provide financial support and consulting.


The measurement carried out by the Foundation seeks to define comparative criteria to evaluate the economic participation of men and women, access to education and professional development, as well as pay equity by gender. Likewise, these measurements also allow monitoring the direct impact these rights have on other externalities such as teenage pregnancy, gender violence and access to justice, as well as the well-being and progress of the community in general.


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