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About CommPro, Inc. “CommPro”


CommPro “CommPro” is a global on-demand media and news communications organization, aggregating news and network media for events and corporations worldwide.

CommPro’s on-demand event coverage reporting, photography, audio and video are published and broadcast by over 8,000 of the world’s leading newspapers, TV channels, apps, radio stations, websites and magazines—in fact, CommPro event coverage and content distribution reached a record 20 billion from 2015-2016.

As a leader in the field of journalism and communications, CommPro fights for corporate advocacy while delivering event transparency.


CommPro, Inc. “CommPro” provides full-service communications and content marketing services with a strong emphasis on on-demand Advocacy, corporate communications and social impact marketing for brands, emerging growth and non-profits worldwide.  We deliver On-Demand local, national and international PR, strategic business advisory and brand growth communication support programs.


We strive to make sure our clients’ corporate and brand content messaging are both highly visible to the media and easily accessible to everyone on the web – while improving corporate credibility and sentiment for executives and their brands to achieve their business objectives.

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