August 20, 2020



About EatWhatever

Founded as Jacquean Products LLC in 2008, the company began selling a boutique version of the product Eatwhatever in niche stores like Colette (Paris), Zitomer, C.O, Bigelow and Ricky's (NYC), then on global websites Amazon, Victoria Health, and Shopmasc. Late 2010, Jacqui met Arthur Shorin, former CEO of Topps, a multi-national company famous for products such as Topps baseball cards, Bazooka bubble gum and Ring Pops. Arthur "got" Eatwhatever instantly, and a new growth chapter began as Jacquii LLC. Today, Eatwhatever is on counters in fine stores across the US such as Duane Reade, Whole Foods, Fairways, Fresh Markets, Dylan's Candy, Earth Fare and many more. The company eagerly anticipates its WoofMints launch and hopes that with both products eventually everyone (two AND four legged) can eat whatever (including onion and garlic!) and feel confident and kissable.